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Book Wrap-around Care - Breakfast Care / After-School Care

Initially, you will need to register with Bookings @ Berkhamsted.

If you have already registered, enter your email address and password to log in.

If you have already registered on the BASECAMP website, the same login details can be used.

1. Register your child(ren)

Enter your child(ren)'s name, school and year group.

Once you have registered your child(ren), they will be remembered for your next booking, so this stage will be skipped.

2. Choosing Dates

Select your child(ren)'s names to book sessions by ticking the box alongside "Book sessions for [child's name] during ..."

Next choose which dates you would like to book from the checklist: next week, the next two weeks, the next month, or a particular term.Click continue.

3. Choosing Sessions and After-School Clubs

For each child, select the sessions you wish to book for each date shown by ticking the appropriate tick box.

If your child is attending an after-school club (details of your child's allocation can be found on the Parent Portal) and you require care following the club, choose the session time required for pick-up, select the tick box to indicate your child will be attending an allocated after-school club on that date, and select the club to which your child has been allocated from the drop down menu.

NB Choosing a club that your child has not previously been allocated will not mean attendance and an extra hour of wrap-around care will be charged.

In the top-right corner of the screen, details of how many credits you have remaining in your account will be shown. These will automatically update as you choose sessions. It will also update the credit balance when an after-school club is chosen to reflect the time the child will be attending a club.

Bookings need to be made for Breakfast Care by 7.00am and for After-School Care by 3.00pm on the day.   Please note that if booking WAC with Childcare Vouchers as payment, all bookings need to be made 14 days in advance of the session required.  Any late bookings can be made using an alternative form of payment (please see section below detailing payments).

Click continue.

4. Booking Summary

A summary of the wrap-around care sessions and after-school clubs will be shown for each child along with the number of credits used for each booking.

If you have made any changes to an original booking, these will be highlighted.

If the billing address is incorrect, click on 'Amend Address' to make changes.

At the bottom of the Booking Summary you will be informed if you have sufficient credits within your account to make this booking.If you do not need/wish to purchase credits please click 'Book Sessions'.

If you have insufficient credits for the booking or wish to purchase some extra credits, please tick 'Buy Credits' before clicking 'Book Sessions'.

5. Make a Payment

If your account has enough credits, you will receive your booking confirmation.

If you have chosen to purchase credits, you will need to enter how many credits you wish to purchase and the payment option. Credits are available in bundles as below, for pricing options please click here.

Up to 50 credits

51 to 99 credits

100 plus credits

Parents are able to choose to purchase credits with a debit/credit card or with Childcare Vouchers*.

Click on 'Make Payment'.

6. Confirmation of Booking

If your account has enough credits, you will receive your booking confirmation.

If you have purchased credits, you will receive your booking confirmation following the payment details.

Your booking is now complete.A summary of your order is shown onscreen, and you will shortly receive a confirmation e-mail.We suggest that you make a note of your order reference number.

7. Making changes to your booking

Should you wish to make a change to your booking, log-on as usual, choose dates/sessions and untick your booking, credits will be automatically updated.Choose your new dates, and proceed as usual.The summary page will show your original booking and the new booking if made. Any changes to your booking need to be made before 7.00am for Breakfast Care and by 3.00pm for After-School Care.

Should you wish to cancel, log-on as usual, choose dates/sessions and untick your booking, credits will be automatically updated.Proceed to the summary page where the date will now show as 'Not Booked'.This will cancel your original booking & the credit added back to your account.Any cancellations need to be made by 7.00am for Breakfast Care and by 3.00pm for After-School Care to avoid payment.

Credits do not expire and will be held in your account from term to term. Please see terms & conditions for more details.


*Use of Childcare Vouchers at Berkhamsted Schools Group

 For all WAC bookings from 1stMarch2017 onwards, any payments made with childcare vouchers will need to be booked 14 days in advance and funds received from your chosen CCV scheme provider prior to your child attending the session, as per the current terms and conditions

Bookings less than 14 days in advance can still be made online using  existing credits on your account or by making a payment with a debit/credit card. 

Please click hereto see our Terms and Conditions.